Pool Deck Repair with Polyfoam

Is Your Pool Summer Ready?

Fix your cracked and sinking pool deck concrete the Helms way!

By JR Crowell
April 2021

Summer is fast approaching, and your pool is a big part of your family’s summers. Who doesn’t love a good BBQ with the smell of chlorine mixed in? You want to enjoy it without worrying about tripping over uneven concrete. And who wants to look at cracks in the pool deck?

Uneven Pool Deck Repair with Polyfoam

So why is the concrete around your pool cracked and sinking? The answer is simple: Water. Water is the culprit in 75% of concrete lifting projects. What’s a pool deck next to? Water.

Your pool has seen years of cannonballs and splashes. This combined with normal rainfall means water can slip underneath the concrete. Seals and seams around your pool deck also allow for many points of water intrusion. As water seeps underneath the concrete, the soil settles, resulting in uneven concrete.

Over time this can and will wreak havoc around your pool. Most pool owners believe this is part of pool ownership. But there’s great news – it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s where Helms can help!

We use hydrophobic, expanding, structural, polyurethane resins. These resins are injected underneath your concrete via small, 3/8-inch holes to lift and level your pool deck. The liquid expands into a solid, closed-cell foam. The expanded foam compresses the soil which raises your concrete.

To put it simply, our polyfoam restores your pool and deck to a flat surface so you won’t have to miss a moment of summer fun. We can be in and out quickly without digging or excavating.

Don’t wait to fix your settled and cracked concrete! Enjoy your pool to its fullest this year. Give us a call today for a quick, efficient, and timely solution – 601-966-7821! We can’t wait to speak with you.

This is why we do what we do.

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