Concrete Lifting

By JR Crowell
July 31, 2020

The world of chemical grouting and polyurethane resins is exciting. We at Helms Polyfoam are fortunate to be involved in innovative, cutting edge projects where polyurethane resins are used to better the industry. At times we get so excited about the new innovative repairs, that we neglect to talk about the one that “brought us to the dance”. That my friends, is concrete lifting.

Long gone are the days where tear out and replace is your only option for settled concrete. Now certainly as with any option, concrete lifting with polyurethane resins is not a “one size fits all” and we do not claim that it is. Concrete lifting with polyfoam has its perfect project and when those worlds collide, budget savings and a rock solid site can expected.

As a recap, concrete can settle for a few reasons:
• Decaying organic matter (tree roots, old stumps, vegetation, etc.)
• Unconsolidated soil
• Water intrusion

Assuming the settled concrete still has acceptable integrity, expandable polyurethane resins can stabilize the soil and lift the concrete in the process. So how does this “foam” lift your driveway or
commercial concrete?
• 3/8” holes are drilled at strategic points throughout the settled area.
• Polyurethane is injected in liquid form through the holes.
• Resins combine and expand.
• Pressure from expansion fills voids, consolidates loose soil, compacts soil to pressure unattainable by traditional methods, positive pressure is created on the above slab, and the slab begins to lift.

Once lifted, your concrete can open to normal traffic within 30 minutes! Can that be done with a traditional tear out and replace method? All that is left now is to seal those cracks to prevent future water intrusion to project your investment. Guess what? We can help with that too.

Concrete lifting may seem to take a back seat on our blog posts, but it is without a doubt our backbone and the reason we are where we are. Let us show you why we believe in this process. Head over to our contact us page and tell us about your project. Curious about before and after photos? Check out our gallery.

This is why we do what we do.

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