No Excavation Required

About Us

Helms Polyfoam is a concrete lifting and soil stabilization contractor based in Central Mississippi. We use polyurethane foam to stabilize soil, lift and level concrete, repair infiltration/inflow in infrastructure, as well as a list of other services related to weak soil and water migration through soil and structures. At our core though, we are problem solvers. We look at the result of the problem i.e. settled concrete and determine what actually made that happen and then implement a repair plan that doesn't require you to shut down your operations.

What's so special about our method? For starters, it requires No Excavation. This means a smaller footprint on your jobsite or facility. Second, it means minimum downtime. The majority of our repairs are ready for traffic within 30 minutes. This fast cure time along with a small on site footprint guarantees your workflow will remain efficient while your repair is being completed.

Why do we do it? Our area has no shortage of soil issues and aging infrastructure. We know first hand how inconvenient and costly it can be to excavate a busy road to fix a leaking culvert or to have to wait days for concrete demolition and cure. That's why we are constantly pioneering new repairs where chemical grouting can not only solve the underlying problem, but also keep your bottom line from suffering.

We solve problems. Period.


What We Do

Helms Polyfoam is a problem solver first and a chemical grouting contractor second. We use no excavation methods:

  • Support Structures
  • Seal high flow leaks
  • Lift and Level Concrete
  • Fill Voids
  • Stabilize unconsolidated / weak soil
  • Mitigate infiltration and inflow issues
  • Trace and stop leaks in concrete structures
  • Mitigate Sinkholes
  • And much more - Check out our Services tab

Being a problem solver means we thoroughly investigate your site to do more than fix the result of the problem. We evaluate why you have that sinkhole or why your concrete settled and we make sure our repairs address that underlying issue.

We also know how inconvenient and costly it can be for your facility to experience downtime or your project schedule to be prolonged due to unforeseen repairs. Our no excavation methods and rapid material cure times mean you experience little to no down time.

Where We Work

Though home is in Ridgeland, MS, next door to our State’s capital Jackson, we proudly serve the entire great state of Mississippi. You can find our completed projects from one end of the State to the other in towns including but not limited to: Tupelo, Biloxi, Vicksburg, Oxford, Southaven, Starkville, Madison, Brandon, Columbus, Gulfport, Gautier, Ocean Springs, and Hattiesburg, just to name a few. Did we mention we are quite mobile and serve not just Mississippi but our neighboring states as well.

We work closely and consult with engineers, architects, commercial construction companies, and facility managers on their soil stabilization projects. We also frequently perform and are familiar with government projects (municipalities, school systems, agencies). We also serve the residential market across our Mississippi footprint.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Helms Polyfoam did a great job, restoring the elevations of the parking lot and stopping the erosion from the Mississippi River. The project was done to the satisfaction of both the owner and the insurance company. Looking forward to working with Helms Polyfoam in the future.


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