About Us

Who We Are

Helms Polyfoam is a concrete lifting and soil stabilization contractor based in central Mississippi. We use polyurethane foam to stabilize soil and to lift and level concrete, and we repair infiltration/inflow in infrastructure.

In addition, we provide services related to weak soil and the problems caused by water migration through soil and structures. At our core, though, we are problem solvers. We look at the result of the problem (e.g., settled concrete) and determine what actually made it happen. We implement a repair plan that doesn’t require you to shut down your operations or leave you with a big mess.

What’s so special about our method? For starters, it requires no excavation. This means a smaller footprint on your jobsite, facility or home. Second, it means minimum downtime. Most of our repairs are ready for traffic within 30 minutes.

This fast cure time along with a small on-site footprint guarantees your workflow will remain efficient while your repair is being completed. Or if we’re at your house, you can resume your normal routine quickly.

Polyurethane lifting foams are stronger than crystalline bedrock. They can be used to level airport slabs and support the heaviest freight trains. So don’t let the word “foam” fool you. These resins cure to strengths beyond what is needed to support any structure.

Why do we do it? Our area has no shortage of soil issues and aging infrastructure. We know firsthand how inconvenient and costly it can be to excavate a busy road to fix a leaking culvert or to have to wait days for concrete demolition and cure.

That’s why we are constantly pioneering new repairs where chemical grouting can not only solve the underlying problem but also keep your bottom line from suffering.

We solve problems. Period.

graphic showing the state of Mississippi in blue with the state flower a magnolia
Family photo of Helms Polyfoam Concrete Lifting and Stabilization founder Morgan Helms and his wife Megan holding their daughter

Meet the Owner

Morgan Helms started Helms Polyfoam with one goal in mind: “I wanted to solve problems while minimizing downtime for companies.”

Having worked in the oil industry for many years, Helms saw firsthand the damage done to a company’s bottom line because of lengthy, prolonged and intrusive repairs. Helms is a man of integrity who surrounds himself with a team that reflects his values and his vision for doing a job right, honoring his commitment and solving the problem.

A native of Eupora, Mississippi, Helms and his wife, Megan, now reside in Ridgeland with their daughter, Whittin, and son, Walt.

This is why we do what we do.

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