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Heavy loads put heavy stress on concrete in most shipping hubs. Rocking slabs, uneven concrete pads and issues at loading docks are not only a safety hazard but can cost you lost revenue to tear out and replace. Helms Polyfoam offers a no excavation solution to keep your business moving without disruption.

Moving and storing inventory is vital to your warehouse. We help level concrete or stabilize soil with chemical grouting. Helms Polyfoam can get in, and out quickly so your supply chain keeps humming.

Cities, counties and government agencies are responsible for maintaining our state’s infrastructure. When you’re faced with sinkholes, stabilizing seawalls, dam erosion, or void fills you need a solid solution. Our polyurethane resin stabilizes, lifts and repairs concrete. Helms Polyfoam is the quick, budget-friendly answer for your concrete infrastructure issues.

Downtime at your construction site costs money and causes delays. Helms offers a polyfoam solution that keeps your project on schedule. Our ability to work in small areas allows us to address void fills, soil erosion and soil stabilization without disruption to your site or your timelines.

Broken and unlevel sidewalks and cracking parking lots impact the value and safety of the property you manage. Don’t bother with temporary fixes. Helms Polyfoam can repair parking lots, sidewalks and walkways. Most of our repairs are ready to use within 30 minutes after we’re done which minimizes disruption.

Safety for students and staff is important in our schools. Our polyurethane foam lifts and levels concrete to help remove trip hazards. Our no excavation solution keeps your campus running smoothly without mess or downtime.

Polyurethane lifting foams are used to level airport slabs supporting jumbo jets, equipment and building slabs supporting tremendous loads, and even railway sleepers that support the heaviest freight trains. So don’t let the word “foam” fool you. These resins cure to strengths beyond what is needed to support any structure in your industrial park.


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