Case Studies

helms polyfoam leveling asphalt parking lot


Tabor Management manages several properties in the iconic Cotton District in Starkville, Mississippi. Next to one of the properties was a major construction project for a new development. When the soil was pulled away, the soil under the parking of Tabor Management’s property lost support.

After determining the extent of the erosion in regard to parking lot depth, Helms Polyfoam was able to pinpoint the precise locations to inject our high-density, structural, polyurethane resins, and begin the stabilization process.


The casino property has a large parking lot and sidewalk adjacent to the river. Over time, the soil under the parking lot grew weak due to poor compaction and water erosion. This caused the concrete structures atop the soil to sink. The sinking concrete put strains on the property drainage system, which ultimately resulted in a pipe joint failure.

Helms Polyfoam, along with a forensic engineering firm, conducted a thorough site evaluation to determine not only how to fix the current problem but how to stop it from recurring.

helms polyfoam performing soil stabilization service on a grassy slope
helms polyfoam repairing a seawall


We must say, this spillway construction was top-notch. The repair was not related to a design flow but rather high amounts of continuous flooding. A resident found a small void forming along one side of the spillway. They immediately built a sandbag dam in front of the void and called Helms Polyfoam to evaluate the situation.

Not all repairs have a “magic bullet” and often require multiple steps and materials to create the total repair. In the case of this spillway, two types of polyurethane resins were used to stop the leak and stabilize the spillway


Facility managers noticed water leaking from both vertical joints as well as seepage through parts of the walls, so exploratory measures were taken.

Helms Polyfoam was brought in to trace and seal off the leak using a unique polyurethane resin designed specifically for this type of application. Investigation found the leak was actually coming from beneath the floor, completely bypassing the topical joint seal.

Helms Polyfoam trailer on a city or state government job site