Residential Services

an uneven driveway
the same driveway as above, but the slabs are even now.

If your driveway is sinking or unlevel, you may have thought your only solution was to tear it out and start over. Not only is that costly, it creates a huge mess. Our polyfoam solution allows us to repair, lift and level your driveway without the mess. And you can park on it the same day.

Broken and sagging sidewalks aren’t attractive and create a safety hazard. Let Helms Polyfoam repair your sidewalk without disturbing your yard or landscaping. Polyfoam lifting makes your sidewalk safe and welcoming again.

A pool with an uneven edge.
The same pool, repaired now.

Uneven concrete around your pool is not only an eyesore but can cause trips and falls, which puts a damper on summertime fun. Let us help level your pool deck. Because our foam resin requires no digging or mess, you can throw a pool party that same day.

Water can cause significant damage when it goes where it shouldn’t. Our concrete filler foam provides a leak seal solution that works even in high-flow areas.

Closeup of a spillway repair.
Spillway Repair

Spillways and active dams are crucial. When they become compromised, you need a fast solution to mitigate impact to homes and businesses. Our polyurethane resins provide soil stabilization, help secure retaining walls and seawalls, and repair active dams.

Voids in soil often occur due to water infiltration and unstable soil. If these occur near a concrete slab or building footing it can cause severe structural damage. Our polyfoam fills the void and restores the structural integrity.

A bulkhead is a retaining wall, such as a bulkhead within a ship or a watershed retaining wall. Coastal property owners typically seek to develop bulkheads in an attempt to slow large landslide erosion caused by wave action.


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