Concrete Lifting

Let’s Talk Concrete Lifting: What is it and why does it matter?

Settled concrete.

Concrete LiftingIn our experience, there’s not one scenario where those two words combined mean something good. For those who may have dealt with settled concrete in the past, visions of construction sites may pop up. Many falsely believe that the only way to fix settled concrete is to excavate and pour new concrete, which creates and leaves quite the mess.

With Helms Polyfoam, there’s a MUCH better and quicker way.

Concrete settles for any number of reasons. Those can include poor soil conditions, persistent water undermining and weak soil compaction. Decaying organic matter, high traffic and heavy weight combined with any of the above can also cause problems. Settled concrete can lead to trip hazards, wear and tear on equipment, and jeopardized structural integrity.

Our approach to fixing settled concrete isn’t always a silver bullet. This can be especially true if the project goes too long without getting fixed. It’s important not to procrastinate as it only gets more expensive to repair. The right project combined with the Helms Polyfoam repair plan creates a solution you just can’t beat. Period.

Did you know that when concrete settles you can raise it back to original height, even without heavy equipment? With Helms Polyfoam, we can lift concrete through a 3/8-inch hole using liquid polyurethane resins.

Our resins are injected beneath the concrete in a liquid state. This creates a chemical reaction turning the resins into foam that expands to create pressure. The pressure fills voids, compacts weak soil, and then lifts the concrete at a controlled rate back to its original height. It’s that easy! Don’t believe us? Check out this time-lapse video.

After the settled area is treated and lifted, you can use the area like normal within 30 minutes. When we say minimal downtime, we mean it. Before you decide to drop the hammer on your settled concrete, dial our number at 601-966-7821 and let us save you some headache and time!

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