Helms Polyfoam repairing concrete parking lots, sidewalks and walkways

Have a Problem? Let Helms Solve It!

Our founder Morgan Helms started Helms Polyfoam with one goal in mind: to solve problems for companies with minimal downtime. Years later, that’s exactly what we continue, and love,  doing.

Concrete Lifting

We all know what it’s like to be faced with a problem that feels impossible to solve. Many of our clients have spent months, multiple thousands of dollars, and a number of attempts working to solve a problem unsuccessfully. Usually, they are at their wits-end when they call Helms Polyfoam.

At our core, Helms Polyfoam is a problem solver. We look at the result of the problem (e.g., settled concrete) and determine what actually made it happen. We implement a repair plan that doesn’t require you to shut down your operations or leave you with a big mess. And we do it through using polyurethane resin to stabilize soil and lift and level concrete, as well as repairing the infiltration/inflow in the infrastructure.

What’s so special about our method? For starters, it requires no excavation. This means a smaller footprint on your jobsite, facility, or home. Second, it means minimum downtime. Most of our repairs are ready for traffic within 30 minutes. Helms can take your project from weeks or days to hours! It’s that simple.

This fast cure time along with a small on-site footprint guarantees your workflow will remain efficient while your repair is being completed. Take a look below to read about one example of a past “formerly impossible” problem that Helms Polyfoam solved for our client!

Riverwalk Casino and Hotel

The Problem
The Riverwalk Casino and Hotel is in Vicksburg and joins the banks of the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River has taken a toll on the soil and foundations that support the property, especially on the large parking lot and sidewalk that runs adjacent to the river.

Over time, the soil under the parking lot grew weak due to poor compaction and water erosion, which caused the concrete structures atop the soil to sink. The sinking concrete put strains on the property drainage system, that ultimately resulted in a pipe joint failure. This pipe failure caused the flowing drain water to rush freely under the parking lot. The water then forced its way into a concrete basin where it began pulling away soil and rocks from the Mississippi River bank, creating a large void, and causing the river bank to collapse.

The Helms Solution
After two failed repair attempts where the area was ripped out and backfilled for weeks, Helms Polyfoam was called in to save the day. Our goal wasn’t just to stop the current problem but reach a solution that stopped it from reoccurring.

First, the main void was filled with AP 475 to create a strong foundation for heavy equipment to work. Second, all concrete structures were stabilized by utilizing deep injection methods at pre-determined points surrounding problem areas. Next, we performed a multilayer soil squeeze in a grid pattern, spanning 110’ of the Mississippi River bank to compact all weak soils that collapsed as well as created a water impermeable barrier along the bank. After this, we performed the exact same method on the opposite side of the void to ensure stabilization of soils throughout the entire problem area. The structure and levee rose to an even height, which showed that the void had been filled and the structure stabilized.

Helms Polyfoam is a problem solver, period.

This is why we do what we do.

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